The Zodiac Series

Can your zodiac sign really determine who you should marry? Matchmaker and astrological scholar Lady Rebecca Preston believes so. When she meets two people who she is certain are destined for each other her fingers tingle. Knowing that their signs are aligned only enhances her certainty. Once she is certain of a match, Lady Preston will stop at nothing to ensure the two people have every opportunity to fall in love—no matter how reluctant they might be.

This will be a twelve book series going through each astrological sign.


The Determined Debutante, Book 1

Winning isn’t everything when love is on the line.

Clarissa Ellison is your typical Aries: everything is a competition. So, when she makes her debut into Regency London Society, she determines that she’s going to “win” the Season. Jonathan, Lord Uxbridge, as a true Gemini, has two sides. To the world, he’s outgoing, but in private, he relaxes by painting beautiful miniatures. The two decide to be just friends, setting aside the advice of their friend and astrological scholar Lady Preston, but the stars—or is it destiny? —will ensure this is a match made in the heavens.

The Willful Wallflower, Book 2

At the tender age of fifteen, Emilie Pelham fell for a handsome older man of eighteen who kissed her and then never wrote or sought out her company again. Five years later, Emilie is a happy wallflower who wants nothing to do with men—and especially not one in particular, now the Marquess of Willingham. And yet that is precisely who the matchmaker, hired by her mother, insists is Emilie’s soulmate. Well, she would rather see the surprisingly thoughtful nobleman disgraced than marry him. She is formulating a plan to do just that for she is not one to change to her mind once it’s made up.
Gabriel, the Marquess of Willingham, was a young man ruled by his passions, but he learned his lesson. Now, he keeps a tight rein on his emotions. Since inheriting his father’s title, however, his grandmother has insisted he begin looking for a wife. He is happy to marry, just so long as no emotions are stirred. This is not good enough for Gran, though, who hires a matchmaker to find Gabriel’s soulmate. When the woman pairs him with the beautiful girl who opened his eyes to the dangers of passion, however, he annoyed when the same feelings try to overpower his newfound control.
Neither Emilie nor Gabriel are prepared, however, for the feelings they stir in each other. Neither could have foreseen that a passion sparked years ago could possibly rekindle no matter how hard they fight against. Will hearts be broken a second time or will love prevail?
In this cat and mouse game, it’s possible they both might lose—or both might win.

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Count Chameleon, Book 3

A Zodiac Romance/Spy novel. Coming soon!