Resources for Writers

Writing Books

The Writers’ Block Party Podcast, Meredith Bond & Pru Warren

Wired for Story, Lisa Cron

Story Genius, Lisa Cron

On Writing, Stephen King

Verbalize, Damon Suede

Story Engineering, Larry Brooks

Goal, Motivation, and Conflict, Debra Dixon

The Power of Point of View, Alicia Rasley

Novel Writer’s Toolbox, Bob Mayer

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Renni Browne & Dave King

The Forest for the Trees, Betsy Lerner

Chapter One, Meredith Bond


Recommended Blogs and Podcasts

Writer’s Well (podcast)

The Creative Penn (podcast)

Romance University (blog)

Writer Unboxed (blog)

Anne R. Allen  (blog)

Jane Friedman (blog)

David Gaughran (blog)

Kristen Rusch (blog)

My blog: (I blog every Sunday on writing and self-publishing)


Organizing Your Story

Beemgee: Story outlining and great character worksheets

Story Planner

Plot Factory

Snowflake Method (with software for purchase)



Index Cards (for PC)



Personal Organizing Tools

The Ultimate Author Planner, Audrey Hughey

A Writer’s Journal–Paperback , Meredith Bond

A Writer’s Journal–Spiral-bound, Meredith Bond

Arc,  Levenger, or Atoma Disc Notebooks


Online Assistance:

Write or die

750 Words


Pacemaker Writing

Alliance of Independent Authors’ “Ultimate Guide to Tools and Tech for Indie Authors”


Apps for your phone:

Word Keeper

Write on Track



Pomodoro Timer

Music to write to:

Spotify has some good focus playlists