Help for every writer.

Whether you’re a new writer or a well-established author, Anessa Books can help you write or publish your novel. 

Formatting Services

I will format your novel as an ebook or Print-on-Demand for publication


Private lessons or for a group, I teach formatting, self-publishing, a topics of writing craft.


No matter what stage of your career you are in, all authors need a good editor. And if you need even more in-depth help, a book coach might be right for you.

We specialize in romance, fantasy, and mystery.

Book Covers by Briar

Professionally made book covers by Briar, an independent artist. You can commission original art or have them use images of your choice. These are beautiful, original book covers reasonably priced.

Looking for fantastic worksheets?

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Writing Resources

Tips for new writers

How to write a synopsis

Helpful Links for Indie-Authors