Zodiac Regency Romance

Can your zodiac sign actually determine who you are destined to love? Lady Preston believes so and she is set on finding matches for everyone who wants one–and even some who don’t.

Royals & Rebels

This series tells the stories of Prince Nikolaus, his sister Princess Louisa, and their accidental ally Lucinda North as they each discover romance, adventure—and clues as to who wants the prince and princess dead.

The Ladies' Wagering Whist Society

Love is what the Ladies’ Wagering Whist Society does best. Whether it’s helping their own members or those close to them, the women of the Wagering Whist Society find that they’ve gotten quite good at helping couples arrange their cards just right.

The Merry Men Series

Four men whose stories had to be told and how they got to be.

The Storm Series

Tatiana Ashurst has been born to a great destiny, but greatness is never easy to manage. The four books of the Storm Series, a magical Regency romance series, details Tatiana’s life and family as they deal with all that destiny has set out for them and find love along the way.

The Children of Avalon

A post-Arthurian tale about the start of a whole new world of magic.

The Falling Series

Time-travel in the world of the Vallen

Books for Authors

If you’re a new author or one with experience, these books will help you get writing.