Meet Meredith

Merry grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was introduced to Regency romances at a young age by her mother, who had a secret passion for Georgette Heyer.

After graduating with a bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania, Merry worked in fundraising for a number of non-profit organizations. When this didn’t prove as fulfilling as she would have hoped, she went back to school for a master’s degree in secondary education where she shared her love of history with inner-city teenagers and tried to instill the same love in them — the jury’s still out on whether it worked. Marriage and the birth of two children interrupted her second attempt at a career.

In order to keep her sanity while raising her children, Merry began living in a fantasy world filled with dashing, noble heroes and beautiful heroines. Desperately searching for an excuse to put the children into daycare, Merry decided to write down her fantasies and call it “working”. She was amazed when someone other than her husband actually liked her writing.

In 2002, Merry was one of the three winners of the Royal Ascot Writing Contest and was offered a two book contract with Kensington Publishers, and then a second to publish all four books of the Merry Men Quartet.

Since then she has moved into self-publishing her work and teaching others how to do the same. Now, with over 30 books published across six different series, and three non-fiction books, she has devoted herself to helping other authors write and publish their novels. 

Merry has her own book coaching and book formatting company called Anessa Books (named for her mother, Nessa, who had a passion for language and books which she passed on to her daughter). 

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