With all that’s going on in the world, we’ve all been so focused on staying strong and carrying on—I know I have! For me, it’s been almost a mission, a challenge to show that despite everything, I can still write. I can still work as if nothing has changed. I’ve seen posts on Facebook and other forms of social media of other authors doing the same. But you know you are allowed some time off, right?

Despite the relentless determination to prove to the world, ourselves, or possibly a Higher Order, that we can still continue on despite all the horribleness that is being thrown at us, we can—and should—still take a break. It’s summer! There a no reason why you (and I) can’t take a week off.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working half days. Mostly because I’m still settling into my apartment once again after not being here for over a year. I’m dealing with cleaning out all the stuff I haven’t used or touched in the four years I’ve lived abroad. I’ve been attempting to work at this little by little nearly every day since we got here two weeks ago—I’ve barely even scratched the surface of all that needs to be done. I’m working on it, but it’s definitely going to be a long-term project.

But the point is, even though I’m still trying to get some work done—mainly that for which I have made a commitment to someone else, I’m not worrying—or even thinking twice about also taking time off to get done what I need to do in my apartment. Well, that’s not strictly true—I am thinking about it since I’m writing this, but I’m not worrying about it or feeling guilty for taking the time I need—and neither should you.

Take some time off, if you haven’t already. Take some You Time. It’s extremely important! Refilling that well; recharging your batteries and all that. Your writing and your work overall will be better for it!

I’m off to organize my office and clean out the drawers there. What non-work are you going to do today?