When life gets difficult, it’s especially important that we all work together to make things a little easier for those who are suffering the most. While many of us would love to go and help out in a food bank, soup kitchen, or anywhere where we think we might make a difference, for some, it’s just not possible.

That’s where it’s fantastic that we can get creative. And sometimes, doing something that might seem small and insignificant can make all the difference in the world.

A good friend of mine, Cristina, is starting her own coaching business. She’s been working in the corporate world for a number of years now and so started out thinking of directing her new endeavors there since it’s the world she knows best. However, she also realized that everyone, no matter what they did, could benefit from the coaching she’s been trained to do—but not everyone can afford it. She had the brilliant idea to “pay it forward” and ask others to do so as well.

On her new website (I’m putting in a link, but it’s not actually live yet), she is offering to pair people up with a coach offering free coaching (including Cristina, herself). For those who can afford to pay for their own coaching, she’s asking them to pay a bit more so that someone else, who can’t afford it, could get coaching too, and a coach doesn’t have to forego the fees they rely on.

I think it’s an amazing, wonderful, and generous idea!

I’m going to steal a piece of her idea and blend it with the idea that Jessica Snyder had (if you’re ever looking for a fantastic editor (who isn’t me 😉) Jessica’s for you!). She’s going to be presenting a talk she gave at Romance Writers of America national conference last year to any of her clients who are interested.

I don’t have a talk I gave elsewhere, but I do have my article on accountability, which I wrote for the Romance Writer’s Report (the trade magazine produced by the RWA). I thought it might be useful for authors to hear more about what I talk about in the article, especially if they missed it in the magazine. (Updated 5/20/2020!!) I’ve put together a live Zoom meeting where I’ll talk about accountability and how authors can work toward writing more regularly. Message me to sign up! I’ll record it and put it up on YouTube and see if I can’t offer it for free on Teachable as well.

I might also put together my “How to Get Started” talk and put in on YouTube and Teachable. (That’s the one where I talk about how to get started writing a novel—whether it’s your first or your fifteenth, it’s always helpful to go over another idea of how to start putting a story together.)

For those who listen to my talks, I’ll offer a free half-hour coaching session.

And what about writers? What can an ordinary author do?

The other thing that I’m doing—write! Yes! Write and publish your work. People are starved for something to think about other than this pandemic. Give them something to read!

I’m going to be doing that and pressing the other buttons as well by participating in a virus-related anthology. I’m suggesting the title “Behind the Mask” where all the stories in it, no matter the genre, could have someone in a mask of some sort (could be the ordinary face-covering we’re all being asked to wear, could be a Venetian mask, could be a superhero’s mask). The money the anthology earns will be given to a food bank.

So, what is that you are doing to help out in these difficult times?


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