The Washington Post had a fascinating article: they asked readers to describe the year past in one word or phrase, say why in a paragraph, and then say what they were looking forwar

d to in 2021. There were so many fascinating replies. If you’ll indulge me, I shall add my own here.


I started off 2020 knowing that I would be moving over the summer, but not knowing where I would move to. A trip to visit my mother-in-law ended too quickly when we suddenly had to leave in order to return home before lockdown trapped us in our homes for months. Even amidst the lockdown and a raging virus, we moved from Europe to the U.S., within the U.S., and then back to Europe in the space of five months.

I’ve watched the world try to deal with this deadly pandemic, with racial unrest, with a divisive American president, and all I see coming out of any of it is chaos throughout.

For 2021, therefore, all I can hope for is calm. I am looking forward to staying in one place for the next six months before we move again. I look forward to the calm, kind, and steady leadership of a new American president. I look forward to people getting a handle on this pandemic—after a year of figuring out how to deal with it and a vaccine in sight, I hope we will do better at fighting back. And I can only hope for calm dialogue among all people regardless of race or religion. People need to come together and talk, share ideas, and actually list with an open mind to what others say.

This is my wish for the next year.

What is your word for the last year? What is your hope for the coming year? I would love for you to share.