Sassy Girls WebsiteWriters are amazing people. Not only are they highly intelligent (usually) and extremely creative people with amazing imaginations and an incredible understanding of people (how else could we create them from nothing and make others believe they’re real?), they are also (again, usually) incredibly generous.

Most writers will not hesitate to help another writer in whatever way they can (so long as it doesn’t impinge too much on their own writing time). If you ask a writer about publishing, they’ll be happy to answer. Have a question about craft or the writing life, they are there with an answer. Ask someone to help you promote your work with a click or a share and they are there for you!

Writers are not in competition with each other. Just because a reader buys one writer’s books doesn’t mean they won’t also buy the books of another. Readers read. They’re always looking for another book. So when one writer supports another, they’re not doing anything to hurt their own sales, in fact, just the opposite. When they support another writer, it’s more likely that that writer is going to support them.

As an example of this, a new website has been created, Sassy Girls Book Expo. It was created for writers to support other writers and help them market their work. There are two facets to the website – one for readers, promoting books; and one for authors to help them in whatever they need help with.

The site is entirely volunteer-based and run. All of the authors putting it together have done so out of the kindness of their hearts and that fantastic concept that by lifting up one writing, you’re lifting them all. Not only that, but the founder is a struggling writer herself who knows how hard it is to earn money to pay for marketing. Writers can market their work on the site for free!

Of course, the only way to make such a site work is through volunteers, so she put out a call—and got so many responses! Because, as I said earlier, writers are amazing people.

Naturally, I too answered the call and am volunteering my proofreading and some editing services. Yes, I do that as my business, but there’s no reason why I can’t do some extra on the side for free to those who really can’t afford to pay for it. It’s giving back to the community.

Do you have something you could do to give back? Think about it, and if the answer is yes, hop over to Sassy Girls and join the staff! These sorts of efforts only work if everyone is willing to give something.