Z The Storm Series

The Storm Series

Tatiana Ashurst has been born to a great destiny, but greatness is never easy to manage. The four books of the Storm Series, a magical Regency romance series, details Tatiana’s life and family as they deal with all that destiny has set out for them and find love along the way.

Storm on the Horizon

 Book 1

A woman with no choice…

For Tatiana Ashurst, there’s no escaping destiny. Magically powerful and preordained to give birth to the most powerful Vallen priestess in seven generations, it’s her duty to marry well. But she wants the same thing her twin sister has—the right to choose her own husband. For a woman like Tatiana, however, such a thing can never be permitted.
A man who must choose…

If Kit Vallentyn could do what he wanted, he’d devote all of his time to overseeing the family estate, but his father insists it’s time for an advantageous marriage—one centered on power and wealth. Reluctantly scouting the new crop of debutantes, he finds himself unaccountably attracted to a mysterious woman who is plain, penniless, ineligible… and utterly enchanting.
A storm of desire…

When Tatiana nearly uses her powers in public, Kit saves her from shocking the Georgian English society and revealing her abilities. Despite Kit's own magical strength, Tatiana is certain their marriage would never be possible. She just can’t help being drawn to this handsome man who extends a spell of desire over her more powerful than any she can conjure. The only way to survive the storm looming on the horizon will be to have the courage to shed their secrets and discover their true destinies together.

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Bridging the Storm

Book 2

A reason to live. It’s all Sir Dagonet wants. He’s been alive for over a thousand years and there is no end in sight thanks to a “gift” from the great wizard Merlin. But now, thanks to an invitation to the home of the high priestess of the Vallen, he might very well be given the opportunity to return Merlin's gift.

A life with reason. Kate Cherrington is trapped at her aunt’s home with no way out and no future to look forward to—until a knight with an incredible secret comes to visit. Now there is hope for Kate. The possibility of a way forward, of a life of her own.

Bridging the gap between what is and what could be might be within their sights, but first, they’ve got to get past one determined to stop them and who has the power to do so.

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Magic in the Storm

Book 3

He was destined for power, but born male when he should have been a girl. She paints with a passion and is about to learn that it's more than she ever knew. Only together can they unlock the magic in the storm that is approaching.

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Through the Storm

Book 4

Being judge, jury and executioner for the magical Vallen people is Kat Havelock’s hereditary duty, but she’s desperate to live a normal life. Jack the Lad, the notorious smuggler, has a single-minded quest to destroy his intolerant father. Destiny has other plans for them both.

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