The ​Merry Men Series

​Four men whose stories needed to be told.

This series started out as the stories of four good friends: Merry and Fungy, who are cousins, and Sin who went to school with them. Julian’s story which starts off the series quickly becomes an integral member of the group. 

But as frequently happens, there were many more stories than just those of my four heroes. First, there were the sisters of Rose Grace, the heroine of A Dandy in Disguise, who each needed their own story — they’re also known as the Grace Sisters Series. Then, there were the stories of the parents of each of my heroes, which were interesting on their own (I’ve written three of four, possibly five stories). They are all novellas, rather than full-length novels. I call them the Parent’s Novellas. 

All these stories and characters inhabit a Regency world of my own creation and I hope you’ll enjoy reading their stories.

The Merry Men Quartet

An Exotic Heir, Book 1

Weaving a web of revenge can be satisfying, but dangerous to your heart.

London society is shallow and cruel—sending Cassandra Renwick running to her parents’ home in Calcutta, the exotic seat of the British Raj. It’s an interesting place filled with fascinating people—including the dark and mysterious Julian Ritchie. But she never expected that with the magic of this alien land would also come heartbreak.

Julian has always been discriminated against for being only half-English. Embittered, he plots an intricate plan for vengeance with the lovely Cassandra as his pawn. But he soon finds that payback can be painful for the avenger as well when the threads of revenge unwittingly turn into the silken bonds of love.

Rake’s Reward, Book 2

A treasure lost…

American Sara Whately came to England with a single goal: recover a long-lost family treasure. Her father had long ago renounced his title and abandoned his country, but desperate financial straits call for desperate measures. Gaining access won’t be easy. The jewels are hidden on an estate Sara’s grandfather lost long ago in an unlucky turn of the cards. And then there’s the vexing, villainous, valiant Viscount Reath… 

 A jewel of a woman…

Sinclair Stratton, Lord Reath, has always gotten everything he wants—money, privilege, and women. But after ten years in India, he’s returned to England, ready to make amends for his youthful follies. He plans to return his ill-gotten estate to its rightful owner, but the man is impossible to find. And despite still being one of the most sought after rake’s in town, the bold American beauty he keeps encountering seems to be immune to his charms and dashing good looks.

 While Sara has promised to not just search for her grandfather’s jewels, but make an attempt at fitting into society, it might just be that Viscount Reath is the treasure she actually needs.

The Merry Marquis, Book 3

Through the beauty of music, brings love and the will to live a life lost.

It is only at the pianoforte with beautiful music flowing from her fingertips that Teresa Seton is happy. New to English society, she feels awkward and unsure of herself.  Only the attentions of her handsome neighbor can convince her that she is where she belongs—a stolen kiss proves that he means what he says. But the kiss is witnessed and the pair is forced to marry for propriety’s sake.

Once known as the “Merry Marquis”, Richard, the Marquis of Merrick, now lives the life of a recluse. Finding a beautiful stranger at his pianoforte strikes a chord within him, bringing back feelings he thought were lost with the passing of his wife. He is mesmerized by Teresa and her beautiful music, but can he convince her, and himself, that he can live and love again?

A Dandy in Disguise, Book 4

Can he lose the disguise… and find himself?

 St. John Fotheringay-Phipps has nearly forgotten who he truly is. As the dashing, amusing dandy known to all in society as Fungy, he has hidden behind a mask of merriment. But he is reminded that there are pleasures beyond society — when he finds himself feeling responsible for the innocently lovely and fiercely intellectual Rose, the daughter of a famed archaeologist, and her charming, if socially inept, family.

Rose Grace knows that she cannot gamble with her future. She has suddenly been thrust into the role of mother to her two young sisters, companion to her brilliant, distracted father –and family savior.  She needs to do the right thing — to forget her own desires and quickly find a wealthy husband before the creditors come beating at their door. Then why is she distracted by the foppishly handsome Fungy, who seems so very irresponsible and pleasure-loving?  Surely he’s the last person whose advice she should follow!

The Grace Sisters

My Lord Ghost, Book 5

She only wanted to save his soul. He needed to save her life. 

Laia Grace wasn’t raised among English society and besides meeting men was so much fun! But when the naive Regency miss introduces herself to the wrong person, her father decides that it’s time she grew up. If only he knew that the house he was sending her to had a ghost in residence.

Marcus Bolingbrook is haunting his own home, living in the secret passages and priest holes while he tries to deal with the horrific events that led to his brother’s death.  But when an angel shows up and coaxes him into telling her his story, he discovers a reason to live.

Will he be willing to risk both his life and his heart to save her?

My Gentleman Thief, Book 6

Thalia Grace has a habit of flaunting Regency society—whether it be racing her horse against ungentlemanly earls or standing up to the arrogant lady patronesses of Almack’s. But after a handsome Greek artist comes to visit, she discovers her true calling—to follow in the footsteps of her archaeologist parents.

The talented Yiannis Istoriakis is passionate about Greek antiquities—he would do anything to ensure that they are treated with proper respect. But he never expected to become a thief…much less be so fascinated by the spirited woman he needs to become his accomplice.

As Thalia and Yiannis suffer through London’s social whirl while stealing priceless antiquities, they find that it’s their hearts that are in danger of being stolen.

Parents Novellas

Under the Mango Tree, Book 7

In 18th century Calcutta, Lakshmi Rai has grown up under and in the mango tree in her mother’s garden. Escaping there from her chores every chance she gets, she hides amongst the branches to read and study, even though reading is unheard of—even forbidden—for a good Bengali girl. Only her brother knows and aids her in her passion for learning—until the day the Englishman comes into the garden and stood under her mango tree. 
Now all sorts of forbidden thoughts are entering her head—many of them having to do with the handsome Englishman, Lord Huntley, the man with blue-green eyes. But can a girl from a good Bengali family even dare to dream of such things? If she does, what else might be possible under the mango tree?

A Spanish Dilemma, Book 8

In the midst of war, treaties aren’t the only thing that need to be negotiated and romance can ignite in the most unusual way.

Robert Seton isn’t just going to sit around spending money on silly amusements when there’s a war going on. But since his father has refused to buy him a commission in the army, Robert is thrilled when he is given a diplomatic post to observe treaty negotiations in Basel, Switzerland between France and Spain. Finally he’ll have a role to play in order to help defeat the French.

Isabella Guzman is very happy to have accompanied her father to Basel to support him as he negotiates with the French. But now that the negotiations are over, the French seem to need a little push to get them to sign what they’ve agreed to. Isabella is determined to give it to them—she wants to go home.

Fighting the French is so much more pleasant when you have an intelligent and attractive ally, but with Robert looking forward to returning to England and Isabella going home to Spain, romance can be very complicated.

When Hearts Rebel, Book 9

Elizabeth Whately is new to London, but already her mother is pressuring her to make a fabulous match with a wealthy nobleman. Oliver Wynsham hasn’t thought to much about finding a wife. He also hadn’t ever thought he’d worry about having food on his table or a roof over his head and yet when his father’s gambling losses empty the family’s coffers he begins to do just that. When hearts collide and all seems lost, perhaps only a full rebellion can clear the way forward.