Z The Ladies’ Wagering Whist Society Series

The Ladies Wagering Whist Society Series

Love is a gamble. Place your bets on the Ladies’ Wagering Whist Society.

The women of the Ladies’ Wagering Whist Society gather every Wednesday for an on-going game of whist, but while most people play for money, the ladies of the Wagering Whist Society play for secrets. The person with the fewest number of points at the end of a game must divulge her deepest, darkest secret. Not a word of anyone’s secret may be divulged outside of the group, but that doesn’t mean that the ladies can’t offer assistance to anyone who needs it—and they all do at one point or another.

This nine book Regency romance series, spread out over three seasons, is filled with laughter, hidden identities, private fears, adorable children, secrets, and the sweetest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Duchess. Each book features one of the eight members. Book number nine will feature Joshua Powell, Viscount Wickford, owner of Powell’s Club for the Refined Gentleman. Every book is a stand alone novel with at least one central romance and a secondary second-chance romance featuring an older couple.

Love is what the Ladies’ Wagering Whist Society does best. Whether it’s helping their own members or those close to them, the women of the Wagering Whist Society find that they’ve gotten quite good at helping couples arrange their cards just right.

The Ladies Wagering Whist Society Series books each stand alone, but here is the chronological order of the books:

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1806 Season 

Featuring  Baroness Christianne Norman

Featuring Miss Lydia Sheffield

Featuring Miss Diana Hemshawe

Christmas novella featuring Mr. Martin Arbeit

1807 Season 

Featuring Claire, Countess Blakemore

Featuring Alys, Duchess of Kendell

Featuring Mrs. Penelope Aldridge

Christmas novella featuring Quin, Viscount Ainsby

1808 Season 

Featuring Cynthia, Marchioness Sorrell

Featuring Ellen, Viscountess Moreton

Featuring Joshua, Viscount Wickford

Christmas Novella to come.