List of Characters

One drawback to a series about eight women is that you end up with a lot of characters. Hopefully, this will help you keep everyone straight. I’ll be adding to this list as I continue to write more books in the series.

The Ladies of the Wagering Whist Society

The Ladies:

Christianne Norman, Baroness Norman,  A Hand for the Duke

Lydia Sheffield, Jack of Diamonds

Diana Hemshawe, The Games She Played

Claire Tyne, Countess Blakemore, A Trick of Mirrors

Alys Russell, Duchess of Kendell,  A Bid for Romance

Mrs. Penelope Aldridge,  An Affair of Hearts

Cynthia Montley, Marchioness Sorrell, Love in Spades

Ellen Aston, Viscountess Moreton, A Token of Love

Introduced in A Hand for the Duke

  • Liam Ayres, Marquess of Ayres: Tina’s father
  • Tina Rowen, Christianne’s natural daughter
  • Robert Bronley, Duke of Warwick
  • Lady Margaret Bronley, Warwick’s sister
  • Joshua Powell, Viscount Wickford: Hero of King of Clubs
  • Martin Arbeit, Secretary to the Duke of Warwick: Hero of Christmas in the Cards

Introduced in Jack of Diamonds

  • John Welles, Viscount Welles
  • Lord Daniel Sheffield, Lydia Sheffield’s father
  • Ann Welles, Dowager Viscountess Wells

Introduced in The Games She Played

  • Andrew Crowther, Viscount Colburne
  • Albert Hemshawe, Baron Rivers: Diana Hemshaw’s father
  • Sophia Hemshawe, Lady Rivers: Diana Hemshaw’s mother

Introduced in A Trick of Mirrors

  • Isabel Kendrick, Lady Blakemore’s niece
  • Beatrice Kendrick, Lady Blakemore’s niece
  • Lord Blakemore, Earl Blakemore
  • Paul Adler, Earl St. Vincent
  • Edward Pike, Viscount Conway
  • Elizabeth St. Vincent, Dowager Countess St. Vincent
  • Lord Rogan, a man with mistaken ideas

Introduced in A Bid for Romance

  • James Douglass, Marquess Raglan
  • George Hershawn, Earl Gorling

Introduced in An Affair of Hearts

  • Charles Aldridge
  • Quinton, Lord Ainsby, Charles’s cousin: Hero of Deck the Halls

Introduced in Love in Spades

  • Cassia Bolton, Lady Sorrell’s sister
  • Archer FitzWilliam
  • Lady Emma Bolton, Cassia’s mother

Introduced in A Token of Love

  • Christopher, Lord Pennyston
  • Mrs. Amelia Rutledge, Lord Moreton’s aunt
  • Mr. Harold Sherman, cloth manufacturer

Introduced in King of Clubs

  • Gwendolyn Sherman, Harold Sherman’s daughter and school friend to Cassie Bolton and the Kendrick twins.
  • Hannah, Lady Wickford, Lord Wickford’s mother

Christmas Novellas:

  • Christmas in the Cards, featuring Martin Arbeit, the Duke of Warwick’s secretary.
  • Deck the Halls, featuring Lord Quin Ainsby, Charles Aldridge’s cousin.
  • A third Christmas novella will be written for the 1808 Season.