Chapter One

Writing a novel isn’t something you just pick up and do. It takes study (reading books in the genre you want to write) and practice. It also takes the knowledge of the craft of writing. This book covers the basics of writing craft–just enough to get you started on writing your novel. It’s filled with descriptions, examples, and worksheets. And it’s exactly what every beginning author needs. 

A Writer’s Journal

Dorothy Parker once famously said, “I hate writing. I love having written.”

As writers, we all feel that way sometimes. We all need a little help to make us sit down and get those words on the page. This journal is designed to do that, with a little inspiration added to keep you going.

Fill in your journal every day—and before you know it, that novel is going to be finished. To help you along your writer’s journey, this book provides:

– A “getting started” worksheet
– Character examination worksheets
– Narrative structure worksheet
– Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and productive
– Journal pages that help you track and monitor your writing progress.

Keeping track of how much you’ve written—and what you’re going to write the next time you sit down—makes the process so much easier and more pleasant. What more could you need… besides a beautiful pen to write with?

This book is only available in paperback from Amazon, and in a spiral bound edition from Lulu.