The ​Merry Men Series

​Four men whose stories needed to be told.

This series started out as the stories of four good friends: Merry and Fungy, who are cousins, and Sin who went to school with them. Julian's story which starts off the series quickly becomes an integral member of the group. 

But as frequently happens, there were many more stories than just those of my four heroes. First, there were the sisters of Rose Grace, the heroine of A Dandy in Disguise, who each needed their own story -- they're also known as the Grace Sisters Series. Then, there were the stories of the parents of each of my heroes, which were interesting on their own (I've written three of four, possibly five stories). They are all novellas, rather than full-length novels. I call them the Parent's Novellas. 

All these stories and characters inhabit a Regency world of my own creation and I hope you'll enjoy reading their stories.

The Merry Men Quartet

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The Grace Sisters

The Parents Novellas

​An Exotic Heir

The ​Merry Men Quartet, Book 1

Status is everything in Regency Society and Cassandra Renwick is tired of it, she’d much rather take her chances with her parents in Calcutta. Julian Ritchie is used to being considered less than nothing, but that doesn’t mean he is willing to put up with it for much longer. Weaving a web of revenge can be satisfying, but as both Cassandra and Julian learn, dangerous to your heart.

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A Rake's Reward

The Merry Men Quartet Book 2

While American Sara Whately has promised to not just search for the jewels hidden in her family’s lost estate but make an attempt at fitting into English Regency society, it might just be that the vexing, valiant Viscount Reath is the treasure she actually needs.

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The Merry Marquis

The Merry Men Quartet Book 3

The Marquis of Merrick was always known as the Merry Marquis, until his wife died and he couldn’t imagine life without her. The young woman sitting at his pianoforte, however, needs him and a gentleman will never say no to a lady in distress. Through the beauty of music, brings love and the will to live a life lost.

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A Dandy in Disguise

The Merry Men Quartet, Book 4; The Grace Sisters, Book 1

If you gamble with your future, you’re bound to lose. Rose Grace doesn’t have an inkling of this when she puts her money down. She’s new to society and mistakenly thinks everyone is who they claim. St. John Fotheringay-Phipps tasks himself with the odd duty of teaching this innocent to look beyond the mask, only to discover that he’s forgotten what’s behind his own.

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My Lord Ghost

The Merry Men Series Book 5; The Grace Sisters, Book 2

She only wanted to save his soul. He needed to save her life. Can a man haunted by his past teach a woman how to live for today?

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My Gentleman Thief

The Merry Men Series, Book 6; The Grace Sisters, Book 3

Spirited archaeologist Thalia Grace is digging for happiness in all the wrong places. Handsome artist Yiannis Istoriakis needs to become a thief to restore his country’s heritage. As their quests collide, they find an unexpected treasure greater than anything they could have imagined.

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Under the Mango Tree

The Merry Men Series, Book 7; A Parents Novella

A good Indian girl peeking out from behind her veil. A handsome Englishman determined to find adventure. Two people dare to dream the impossible.

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When Hearts Rebel

The Merry Men Series, Book 8; A Parents Novella

Elizabeth Whately’s mother has brought her to London to marry a wealthy nobleman. Oliver Wynsham hadn’t ever thought he’d worry about having food on his table or a roof over his head and yet when his father loses everything at the card table he is forced to do just that. When hearts collide and all seems lost, perhaps only a full rebellion can clear the way forward.

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A Spanish Dilemma

The Merry Men Series, Book 9; A Parents Novella

In the midst of war, treaties aren’t the only thing that need to be negotiated and romance can ignite in the most unusual way.

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