Chapter One Workbook

Do you need to organize your writing? Want some ideas on how to structure your book or develop characters for your novel?

This workbook is full of great worksheets that will get you moving on that novel you’ve been wanting to finish/get started on/organize.

Some are the same or similar to those found in the text book version of this book, some are entirely new. All of them will help you write your book.

Nowadays there are so many different ways of organizing your writing, of getting started with a novel, or of analyzing it once it’s written, depending on whether you’re a “plotter” or a “pantser”. I happen to like the old-school method of filling in worksheets—sometimes on the computer, sometimes printed out.

For every work of fiction I write (and as of this month, January 2018, I’ve published 17 works including three novellas, a short story and the rest being full-length novels), I create a notebook – both a virtual one using Microsoft OneNote and a physical notebook. My virtual notebook I mainly use for my research, as it’s a great place to keep snippets from websites and pictures. My physical notebook is filled with these worksheets—some filled in, some left blank to be filled in as I write.

I start my plotting with worksheets, I use them throughout the entire writing process, and then when I’ve finished my book, I go back through them in order to write my book description. I find them an indispensable tool in my writer’s toolbox.

And now I’m going to give them all to you.

I’ve tried to make them as useful as possible, creating fillable PDFs, as well as blank worksheets in this book that you can copy and use. 

Each worksheet is accompanied by a short description, although most are self-explanatory. If you need more explanation than what I give here, please check out my book Chapter One, where you’ll find detailed explanations of each different aspect of writing.

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