Once again, this blog has been recorded. Scroll down to the bottom to listen or download the audio version.

We’re continuing with our New Year’s questions this week with: What is one thing you are going to change in 2020?

First, let me say that frequently I don’t know what I want to change until an idea or opportunity hits me. For example, it had never occurred to me to take up coaching until I did. At this time last year, I was thinking that I would continue with my formatting and my writing with a few editing jobs on the side. But then I realized that editing wasn’t my forté and I wanted something else to take its place.

I am always open to new things, new ideas, new ways of working. It’s just the way I am and I’ve never been sorry for it. Does that mean that I always stick with what I try? Nope. If it doesn’t work out, I give it up and try something new. The only caveat to that is writing—that I am never going to give up, no matter what. That one is in my bones.

So, I will be completely open and honest with you here. I don’t know what I’m going to change in 2020 because I haven’t come across the need to change anything just yet.

As I wrote in last week’s blog, I made a number of changes last year and I’m still settling into those. My new marketing strategy needs time to acquire data so that I can see if it’s working. My coaching business hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet. And the speed at which I’m writing is a good thing which I’m going to continue to work on.

I do think that I want to make more of an effort at posting blogs to Medium (I’ve made a tentative start at that, but haven’t really tried to do it “right”—I haven’t tested out and explored the world of keywords there yet and apparently that’s necessary to do in order to be found).

I know that I want to move more into audio—recording this blog is just the first step on that road. My husband and I are going to begin recording my books with him taking the male dialogue and POV parts and me the female. So that will be a change, but it’s a slow, long-term change.

And I’m going to do my best to keep on top of my scheduling and do better at getting my side projects done. I’ve had an on-going list of them wasting away on my to-do list for a very long time now. So that’s got to change in this coming year—I need to get many more projects done.

I can tell you, also, what I’m not going to change this year and that’s going to be my commitment to this blog and to writing the very best books I can. I have realized that writing this blog is one of the joys in my writing life. I don’t always know exactly what I’m going to write about every week, but once I do, the words flow and I enjoy the process.

Of course, as I mentioned last week (oh, all right, earlier this week but that was just a small glitch), I’ve got so many stories to tell… well, to be honest, it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve got my Ladies’ Wagering Whist Society series to finish, I’ve got novellas planned out, and I’ve even got a nonfiction inspirational book in my head that’s just waiting—impatiently, I might add—to come out and get onto the page.

So, to break it all down, the one thing I’m going to change in 2020 is nothing. I’m sorry if that’s disappointing. However, if you want to see change happen keep reading this blog because I can guarantee that when something comes my way or I get an idea to do something new, you will be the one I tell about it.

Now, it’s your turn! Tell me if there’s anything you’d like to change in the new year or if you’re like me and want to just keep working away at what you started last year.