Royals & Rebels

Royal and rebels in royal danger! Someone wants Prince Nikolas of Aachen-Düren dead. Barely escaping with his life, Nik isn’t satisfied just going into hiding, he’s got to find out exactly who it is who wants to kill him. But his disappearance has repercussions. When he is declared dead by the newspapers, his younger sister, Princess Louisa, knows it’s a lie and runs off to find him. In her absence, someone must take her place when the Queen of England demands her attendance at court. Thank goodness Lucinda North, who looks remarkably like the missing princess, arrives and is convinced to take the princess’s place. In this tangled web of hidden identities, a princess on the run, and three lives at stake, friendships are made and enduring love is discovered.

This three-book series tells the stories of Prince Nikolaus, his sister Princess Louisa, and their accidental ally Lucinda North as they each discover romance, adventure—and clues as to who wants the prince and princess dead.

In Lieu of a Princess, Book 1

“This isn’t her Royal Highness,” the headmistress told the man and the woman who were staring at Lucinda with their mouths hanging open.

“But it could be.”

Lucinda North’s world is turned upside down when she succumbs to her sister’s pleas for her to impersonate the missing Princess Louisa of Aachen-Düren. Lord Anthony Melfield would rather be anywhere than helping a spoiled princess learn how to conduct herself. Neither one is expecting the surprises that await them.

Princess on the Run, Book 2

Louisa knows her brother isn’t dead, but the only way to be sure is to find him. When offered a ride, she isn’t going to refuse. Driving to Dover with a beautiful girl is what Ranleigh needs to prove he is responsible, but when danger tags along he must do everything to protect the lovely, if not entirely honest, young woman in his care.

A Prince Among Spies, Book 3

Someone is trying to kill Prince Nikolas of Aachen-Düren and he needs to find out who. Thankfully, his life has been saved twice by the most beautiful spy. After saving his life, Hope Clemens wants to know who this man is—she might very well need him as much as he needs her—and she’s not going to fall for his fake identity as a prince, of all things! With lives in danger and hearts on the line, can Nik and Hope learn to trust each other before it’s too late?

Christmas Intrigue, Book .5

A Christmas Novella

Alexander, Markgraf Kottenfurst, is extremely suspicious when he is invited to a Christmas house party in England. His brother, the prince of Aachen-Düren, a tiny principality near Brussels, insists that he go as this could be an incredible opportunity for their country. But after Alexander arrives, no one is willing to even discuss the reason he was invited.

Prudence Torrington’s father really doesn’t want her to attend the Christmas house party. The bubbly, always cheerful young woman will be the first to admit that she does have a tendency to get into trouble but she always has the best of intentions. Her father tries to explain that this isn’t merely a party, there will be other members of Parliament there to carry out sensitive negotiations with a foreign dignitary. Prudence swears she will be good and her father relents.

Is it a recipe for disaster? Not even close. It’s a Christmas intrigue leading to something neither Alexander nor Prudence could possibly expect.