It’s Thanksgiving; the holiday season has begun. With that, our minds turn to what we are thankful for and how we can show our appreciation.

As with most, if not all writers, I am most thankful for my readers. For those who tell me who they are by signing up for my newsletter, I thank them for doing so in a couple of different ways: I have my reader magnet—actually two, one for each genre I write, and I offer them both to every reader. I also thank my readers for opening my newsletter every month by including a short story in every newsletter.

This year, I’m going to offer a gift to my Facebook readers as well. I’ve put together all of the Ladies’ Wagering Whist short stories I’ve written for my newsletter into an anthology. I’ll put a link on my Facebook page so people who like my page can download a copy, and I’ll do that through Book Funnel so they can sign up for my newsletter at the same time.

For anyone who goes to my website during the holiday season, I’ll have a coupon to get a percent off any of my books if they buy them directly through my website (I sell through Payhip, which takes care of any VAT and taxes necessary).

Now, if all these wonderful gifts look a lot like regular marketing and list-building techniques… because, well, yeah, they might be. But, is there anything wrong with that? I don’t think so. I’m running a business here. Yes, I am encouraging people to sign up for my newsletter, I am enticing them to buy my books in a number of ways—short stories and discounts—but these are also gifts of appreciation and that is what I will emphasize.

I appreciate my readers and want them to be happy. Hopefully, my writing does that—it is why I write in the first place. So, how are you going to appreciate your readers this holiday season?

Oh, and how am I going to show my appreciation to you, my loyal blog readers? Send me your ideas!