The Falling Series


 One magical family… many times

They never meant to time-travel, but somehow it happened. From present-day Washingon, DC to medieval England, a pirate ship in dangerous seas, or plague-ridden London, each member of the Freyn family has their own special type of magic and each end up on a journey of discovery and love as they fall through time.



Falling, Book 1

Long-hidden secrets, ageless magic, forbidden romance—nothing Erin could have ever imagined when she called on a hypnotist to cure her of her fear of falling. When fate gives Erin and David a second chance they need to find their happily ever after before things go very wrong… again.

Falling for a Pirate, Book 2

Dylan Freyn: pediatrician–pirate?
Dylan isn’t going to let his ex-fiancé’s issues stop him from going on his honeymoon, but he gets a lot more on this trip to Spain than he anticipated. Tossed overboard while on a romantic cruise, Dylan suddenly finds himself two hundred and fifty years in the past and picked up by ship of Barbary pirates. 
Salim al-Mandri, who sails the ocean preying on the ships trying to do business with Spain and Portugal, is shocked to find an oddly dressed American fished out of the ocean by a couple of his men. Even more surprising is his attraction to the strange man. 
Can a relationship between a 21st century pediatrician and an 18th century pirate actually work?

Falling Through Air, Book 3

Susie Freyn was working her usual shift checking people into the ER when the most handsome man came in and collapsed, unable to breathe. Using magical powers she hardly understands and has never tested, Susie revives him only to discover that he is like her—one of a race of magical people called the Vallen.

Michael Werloga knew he had COVID, but avoided going to the hospital for as long as he could. Only when breathing became too difficult did he reluctantly give in. But when he awakes to find the most beautiful woman speaking to him in his mind, he’s happy he took the risk.

Neither Susie nor Michael are prepared when virus and fever makes Michael’s magic go haywire sending them four hundred years into the past where people are battling a different plague. The question is, will they both have enough confidence in Susie’s magic to get them home again?