Writing is the most wonderful, frustrating, difficult, fun thing to do...

I’ve been writing for a good part of my life and teaching writing since 2008. I love helping new writers (and old) work on their craft. Below you’ll find some tips, worksheets and other things which you may find useful in your writing. If there’s anything you’d like to see here or questions you need answered, don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking the button below.

Through Anessa Books, I format books for other indie-authors and help new authors get started on the path to self-publishing. If you’re interested in learning more, click the appropriate bar below!


I will format your novel or simple non-fiction book (some images, lists and bullet points) ready to be uploaded to KDP, Nook or Smashwords for publication as an e-book. Or, if you want to go POD, I can make a CreateSpace-ready PDF of your inside matter ready.

Content Editing

I will read through your manuscript and make suggestions on how to make your story stronger, flow better, check the consistency of your characters and their development. Comments will be made throughout your manuscript and a detailed letter will be returned to you.


Just starting out self-publishing? I’m an experienced publisher, having self-published my own work and that of others since 2012. I’ll guide you through the process of self-publishing giving you tools and suggestions to help you go from just having completed your manuscript to marketing.

For Writers

Interested in learning how to publish your own books? 

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“I’ve worked with Merry on several projects and have been amazed at how thorough, helpful, unflappable and reasonably priced she is. If you can get on her schedule, consider yourself blessed.” ~ Emelle Gamble

“Meredith Bond did an exceptional job for me on a special project that required special formatting and attention. She was timely and easy to work with and the product is beautiful.” ~ Lisa Renee Jones

"Anessa Books has done the coding and loading of all my Imp Series and Imp world books – booth e-books and print-on-demand paperbacks as well as new editions and back matter updates. Formatting quality has always been exceptional, and turn around time super quick. I’ve had some tight deadlines, and Merry has always come through for me. I completely trust her with my novels." ~ Debra Dunbar

Meredith Bond
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