Romancing the Upgrade

Meredith Bond

I’m a romance writer and I love a good long, drawn-out romance. In my books you won’t find a lot sex—quite frequently none at all. Why is that? Because it’s the romance of the relationship, the leading up to intimacy that I love. It’s the touch of a hand, the gaze into the eyes, the admiration of physique from afar, two people talking and getting to know each other. The anticipation.

Romancing Windows 10It’s for this reason that I’m not upgrading to Windows 10 just yet.

Wait, what?

What does upgrading my computer have to do with romance? Well, it’s actually very similar. Upgrading is like having sex. You’re committing. You’re exposing yourself. You’re laying bare all of your secrets and putting yourself out there for this new operating system to come in and take over your life, er, I mean your computer (eh, same thing).

The thing is, I’m an early adopter when it comes to technology. My husband just shakes his head sadly (but, then, oddly enough enables me to do this). I love new toys (technology). I love trying new things (see last week’s article on my new notebook for organizing my writing). Of course I’m going to upgrade the minute I can.

I wanted to jump right into bed with Windows 10 the minute it showed up on my doorstep.

Only, I couldn’t.

My computer didn’t download the app. When I told it to search for updates, the little thing just went round and round. Finally, later in the afternoon, after I spent a long day trying to find a way to get the app to download on my computer, my husband found a work-around. Like any good friend who just wants me to be happy, he found a way for me and Windows 10 to be together—a download that allows one to upgrade without the app.

I jumped on it and started to download Windows 10… and then my computer crashed (at apparently a known issue). It was then so late in the day I needed to stop, make dinner and head out to a meeting.

Yesterday, my husband asked me whether I was going to try upgrading again. Oddly enough, I told him I was going to try to wait a few weeks to see if any updates/fixes came out before I tried it again. Reason (sanity?)  had come back to me.

I looked at my handsome new friend and decided to work on our relationship a little before I hopped into bed with her (Windows 10 has to be female, she’s got Cortana which can only be female).

I’m going to try to be patient. I’m going to talk with her a bit (reading everything I can about the new operating system), get to know her. I’m lusting. I’m dragging out the joy and excitement, the anticipation of the upgrade. I’m behaving in the way I try to write the romance in my novels.

I don’t let my characters just jump into bed with each other at the first inkling of attraction, I make them wait. They need to get to know each other better. They need to touch hands and lock eyes a few times before they can touch anything else. They need to experience the frustration of wanting something, then being not so sure whether they want it or not, and then be absolutely sure they want it before they hop into bed.

That’s what I’m doing with Windows 10. I’m touching her hand and then pulling back. I’m chatting with her, getting to know her better and looking her over before we hop into bed.

In another week or so I’ll probably close to going crazy with lust and at that point I will get into bed with her. I’ll upgrade and then immediately regret it (tell me who hasn’t regretted having sex with someone after the first time, even just a little bit?). I very well may go through a crisis when things aren’t going so well and I’ll wish that I hadn’t upgraded, that I hadn’t taken that plunge, but then… like in all good romances, I’ll fall in love. I’ll get to know Windows 10, all of her quirks and funny little things. I’ll be amazed at some of the things she can do and annoyed with some of the things she does and we’ll setting into living together in harmony, slowly, over time, the way all good relationships develop.

But right now, I’m taking it slowly. I’m being cautious. I’m not upgrading right away. I’m going to let this romance develop a little longer. What about you? If you’ve got a PC, have you upgraded yet? Have you jumped into bed with Microsoft or are you waiting?


Meredith Bond is an award-winning author of a series of traditionally published Regency romances and indie-published paranormal romances. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith’s heart belongs to her husband and two children. Meredith’s second favorite pastime is teaching others to write.

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