On Deadlines

Self-publishing deadlines: where do they come from? Well, from you, dear indie-author. What that means, if you’re anything like me, is that they’re too soon and you probably put too much pressure on yourself to get your work done by that deadline.

I’ve been dealing with the stress of deadlines all week. Some were real, others not so much. But if I don’t treat my unreal deadlines as real, I’d probably never get anything done.

My biggest problem with these self-imposed deadlines—or at least the one I was dealing with this week—is that they are ASAP. To me ASAP means yesterday, which means that I’m working my you-know-what off to get this thing done.

Invariably when I’m doing that, fifteen other things pop up that must be done before that – umm… those absolute deadlines I mentioned above.

This past week I was rushing to get the workbook of my Chapter One writing book done. I had an absolute deadline in that I’m presenting a workshop on organizing your writing and I wanted to be able to sell the book there. I really needed to get the book done and published so that people attending the workshop could buy it.

On the other hand, my publicist wants to publicize my Merry Men Box Set#1 some time soon. Before he can do that, I need to replace the bonus short story currently in the book with the novella of the same story that I’ve recently rewritten. There actually is no deadline on that one, it’s just as soon as I can. To get the book done, I’ve been trying to get through my editor’s comments and send it back to her to go through one last time (because my editor is wonderful that way and always makes two passes through my manuscript before I publish it).

Guess what hasn’t happened?

You guessed it! I have not gotten through those edits because I’ve been so busy getting this workbook done (along with all of the other formatting work I have to do for others).

I’m feeling FRAZZLED!

I’m putting so much pressure on myself to get the workbook done – which also involves updating the original Chapter One book and my website – that I’m not working as efficiently as I could be.

Isn’t that ironic? I’m so stressed about getting stuff done that I’m not getting stuff done. I know I need to just stand back, take a deep breath or five, and plan out what I need to do. I need to make a step-by-step list and then just work my way through the list. I also need to take some time off and recharge myself because I’ve been working really hard.

Well, the good news is that I did actually get the workbook done! You can find it here (this will take you to my landing page for the book with links to all the retailers where you can buy it). Now, wish me luck on getting everything else done (because you know that it’s not just that one novella that needs to get done, but plotting the next novel I’m going to be writing, getting my newsletter out, publicizing the Valentine’s Day promo my books are in, etc, etc, etc!). 🙂


Meredith Bond is an award-winning author of a series of traditionally published Regency romances and indie-published paranormal romances. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith’s heart belongs to her husband and two children. Meredith’s second favorite pastime is teaching others to write.

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