Black Bean Soup
I am probably one of the laziest cooks to ever approach a stove. I, therefore, do all that I can[...]
Shrimp in tomato garlic sauce
This is a super fast, easy delicious dish, ready to serve to guests or just as an ordinary night's dinner.[...]
Belgian Meatballs
These are a typical Belgian food, which they actually call Liege Meatballs as they are made with a special ingredient[...]
Cinnamon Muffins
My daughter was craving cinnamon muffins last weekend, so I told her to go ahead and make some. 🙂 (Aren't[...]
Stuffed Eggplant for Two
Now that I'm an empty-nester (my children have left me!!), I'm trying to find interesting, different dishes to make for[...]
Glenda’s Brisket
My daughter celebrated Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) with my good friend Glenda Garland and then raved to me[...]
Chinese Stir Fry Sauce
Are you ever in the mood for really good Chinese food, but don’t feel like spending money on take-out? You’ve[...]
Rasberry Bars
My daughter works after school as a barista at a local coffee shop (no, not a National Coffee Shop, a[...]
Apple Cake
It’s that time of year again! Rosh Hashanah! Which, naturally, means apples! This year my daughter begged me to make[...]
Stuffed Meatloaf
Is it possible to run out of recipes? Well... kind of. I had been so good at putting up recipes[...]
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Have you ever gotten into your head that you just had to have a particular food? It’s not so much[...]
Do you see magic all around you? I do. There are some things that, to me, just can’t be explained[...]
On these cold, wet rainy days of Fall, there’s nothing like a hot bowl of something thick and yummy to[...]
Cauliflower Sweet Roast
Wow, it has been way too long since I've added a new recipe here, right? Well, I apologize. Life and[...]
Quick and Easy Channa
When my husband was a poor grad student in Philadelphia, he longed for a taste of home, Kolkata, and his[...]
Chicken with Cinnamon and Spices
I was reading the Washington Post Blog “All We Can Eat”. There was a very nice post earlier this week by[...]
The Easiest Summer Dessert Ever!
The Easiest Dessert Ever or How to take advantage of summer Summer is definitely the best time of year for[...]
Salmon Cakes
Here’s a different take on Maryland Crab Cakes – make them out of canned salmon! I have to admit it,[...]
Vegetable Chili Con Carne
After five days without electricity, I am really appreciating my AC and refrigerator today! It just broke my heart having to throw[...]
Baba Ghanouj pizza
Fooding   The continuing saga of my son’s cooking. I have no idea how the boy found either this website[...]
Asian Beef with Noodles
I’ve create a monster! Run for your… well, no, not really. It’s just my son. I asked him a few[...]
Pasta Primavera
It is summer, people, and you know what that means – yup, a garden full of bounty. The tomatoes have[...]
Barbecue Pulled Chicken and Potato Salad
Where did the spring go? The winter? Time just goes by way too fast for me. It’s summer already! My[...]
Tikka Kabobs
Is there one page in each of your cookbooks which the book just opens to whenever you take it out[...]
Blue Cheese-Mushroom Burgers
My husband and I found the most delicious burgers (ready-made, but uncooked) at a Fresh Foods Market. They were so[...]
Peanut Butter – Tahini Salad Dressing
I finally found that salad dressing recipe I had been looking for — and yes, it was on a little[...]
Spinach Herb Souffle
The other night I had a hankering for something really light for dinner. Because it was Tuesday, veg day in[...]
Peanutbutter-Tahini Noodles
Peanut Tahini Noodles I was looking for a fabulous recipe for a tahini-peanut butter salad dressing and came across this[...]
Similar and yet completely different from black beans, are lentils. Lentils, like beans, are a staple of any vegetarian diet.[...]
Egg Curry
I have gotten requests, from those who know I have connections to India, for a yummy, easy curry. So, last[...]
Stuffed Meatloaf
    Just to be different, here's a meatloaf recipe. I make it with ground turkey, but you can use[...]
Sweet Noodle Kugel
Many Jewish families have their own sweet noodle kugel recipe. My mother made one every Rosh Hashanah, reluctantly, for my[...]
Vegetarian Stew
I was really in the mood for stew this week. I don’t know what it is, because it hasn’t been[...]
Black Bean & Cheese Enchiladas
Black Beans — they were the main ingredient in last week’s recipe, and I’m sorry, folks, they’re the main ingredient[...]
Black Beans and Rice
We are all trying to eat healthier with "Meatless Mondays" and the like. In my house, we eat vegetarian every[...]
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