Fantasy World Building Worksheet

Fantasy World Building Worksheet

Story Title:

World Name:

What type of world is it: Modern, Medieval, Futuristic?

Physical World


If not earth, what are the defining characteristics? (two suns, more than one moon, major mountain ranges, major bodies of water):




How do people live: towns, villages, cities?

What sort of houses do they live in? Brick, wood, stone?

What is the level of technology? Modern, ancient, futuristic?


How to people get around? Cars, foot, horse, dragon?


What is medicine like? Doctors, priests, wizards, shaman?


What is the legal system?


How do people trade goods? Paper money, coins, barter?


What type of educational system is there? Public schools, private schools, private tutors, apprenticeships?  Are there universities?


What is the system of government? Democratic, Feudal, Monarchy, Dictatorship?


What religion(s) are there? Do people go to temple, church?


Are there people of different races or is everyone the same?  (and not just skin color, but elves, orcs, fairy, etc): Define each race, what it looks like and what special abilities they have.


                Is there magic in the world?


More than one type?


How does it work?


Where does it come from?


Can it be transferred from one being to another or taken away?


What can be done?


What can not be done using magic?


What is the price of using magic?


How do people feel about it?


Who can use magic?


Who cannot?


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