Magical Romance to take you by Storm...

The LAST Full-Length Novel of the Merry Men Series!

OH NO!!! 

Yes! Though it pains me in so many ways, Book 7, the LAST Full-Length Novel of the Merry Men Series is going to be released on JANUARY 18th. 

My Gentleman Thief

Thalia Grace's Story

Spirited archaeologist Thalia Grace is digging for happiness in all the wrong places. Handsome artist Yiannis Istoriakis needs to become a thief to restore his country’s heritage. As their quests collide, they find an unexpected treasure greater than anything they could have imagined.

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Does the idea of formatting your novel for self-publishing make your skin grow cold? Does the thought of dealing with Smashwords’ meatgrinder give you nightmares? Then don’t do it! Let me deal with that for you!

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The Grace Sisters

The Storm Series

The Merry Men Quartet

The Children of Avalon

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